Novo u OrlandoFit-u – HIGH HEEL DANCE by Ivona


– HIGH HEEL DANCE by Ivona –

jednom mjesečno uz prethodnu najavu

17:00 – 18:15

kotizacija 30 kuna

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High heel  dance is a dance form that emerged and evolved in the United States and Europe in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

It is a solo dance genre inspired by dance routines seen in pop and hip-hop music videos. Its techniques and dance vocabulary comes from a wide range of dance styles used in music video-style choreography. It is characterized by dynamic footwork based on ballet, jazz dance and latin dance styles, torso isolations are borrowed from belly dance, hip hop dance and floor work, fluid arm work and body language coming from exotic dance and contemporary dance.
High heel dance is not a social dance style, it is seen mainly in the context of stage performance or as a women’s physical fitness movement discipline taught and practiced in workout format in fitness clubs.


Working out in high heels can strengthen the calf muscles because the calves have to work harder with the ankle on an incline.

It can also potentially improve balance because there is less contact with the ground so other muscles in the body are forced to work harder to keep you upright and stabilise your body. In fact, every muscle in the leg will work harder if you’re wearing high heels.

Class is the best to work on your sass, expression and how to build your confidence in heels while focusing on technique and lines because high heels can make you feel sexy and more confident.

For many of you that hate working out, it’s a great way of forgetting you’re trying to get fit and make the workout more fun. 🙂

What to wear

Feel free to dress it up and wear a fun outfit that makes you feel sexy and comfortable. Low/no platform heels are best; thicker heels might feel more stable if you’re not used to moving in heels.

Silicone protections for high heels are required!!!

You can buy them at NTS shops or online.